Venezuelan Botany Specimen is Half-Millionth Item Digitized!

The Smithsonian’s Digitization Program Office team, working alongside staff from 9 museums across the Smithsonian, has reached a monumental digitization milestone!  On Friday, November 6th, a Venezuelan Botany specimen sheet from the National Museum of Natural History’s Department of Botany made its way down the conveyor belt, making it the 1/2-millionth item that a DPO-managed project has digitized since our Mass Digitization program began in earnest in late 2013.


Picturae Conveyer Belt

This is the second conveyor-based digitization project at the Smithsonian (our inaugural conveyor project was with the National Museum of American History’s National Numismatics Collection), and this method of mass digitization is the first of its kind for a museum in the United States.  By employing Mass Digitization innovations like this, the Smithsonian is achieving goals that were all but unimaginable just a few years ago.

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