NewsCred’s Content Marketing Cloud Comes to Life

By: Shafqat Islam, CEO and Co-founder, NewsCred

Just a few short months ago I stood on stage at our Content Marketing Summit and introduced our Content Marketing Cloud to some of the most influential brand marketers, publishers, and agencies today. As we all agreed that day, content marketing is not a tactic. It’s a long-term strategy – and it will transform your business.

As I said then, our goal was to deliver something bold and ambitious, and today, we’re doing that with this revolutionary piece of transformative marketing software. We have completely overhauled the way we think about content from the moment of creation to the post-distribution analysis.

We’re changing the game for marketers. For the first time, in one place, you’ll be able to seamlessly plan, source, publish, distribute and analyze your content. The Content Marketing Cloud is truly end-to-end with enterprise grade workflow and collaboration, coupled with market-leading content recommendation technology, including both licensed and original content from The NewsRoom.

Great marketing is great storytelling. Change the way you think about content marketing with NewsCred’s Content Marketing Cloud.

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